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Multi-Sipes Design for better hydroplaning on wet road conditions.

Key Features

  • Stiffer tread area - For straight-line tracking, improves high-speed stability and dry braking

  • Water channeling to the center rib - Optimizes water evacuation and improve contact area. This reduces hydroplaning.

Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
145/80R13 75T
155/70R13 75T
155/80R13 79T
165/60R13 73H
165/65R13 77T
165/70R13 79H
175/60R13 77H
175/70R13 82H
185/60R13 80H
185/70R13 86H
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
175/65R14 82H
175/70R14 84H
185/60R14 82H
185/65R14 86H
185/70R14 88H
185/80R14 91T
195/70R14 91H
205/60R14 88H
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
175/60R15 81H
175/65R15 84T
185/55R15 82H
185/60R15 84H
185/65R15 88H
195/55R15 85V
195/60R15 88H
195/65R15 91H
205/60R15 91H
205/65R15 94H
205/70R15 96H
215/70R15 98H
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
195/50R16 84V
195/55R16 87H
205/60R16 92H
205/65R16 95H
215/60R16 95H
215/65R16 98H
215/70R16 100H
225/60R16 98H
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
225/60R17 99H

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