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Dunlop GRANDTREK PT5 Tyres

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Dunlop Grandtrek PT5 is set to elevate the SUV highway driving experience for the everyday adventure. Tailored to suit popular SUVs and 4x4s that mostly drive on-road, the Grandtrek PT5 delivers improved handling and performance for a comfortable, quieter highway ride

Key Features

  • Increased Tread Width and Larger Contact Area - Wider tread results in an increase in overall road contact reducing vehicle wander

  • High Silica Content - Enhanced wet grip and lower rolling resistance

  • Rounder Contact Patch - An updated profile design helps evenly distribute contact pressure and facilitates the dispersion of impact shock to reduce vibration

  • Lateral Grooves - To help suppress sound resonance from the tyre and reduce overall noise levels

  • Asymmetrical Pattern - The new asymmetric pattern and shoulder design serves to help reduce outward noise radiation

Available Sizes

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