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Fuel-saving tyres of the new generation. The ecowing has all the economy and eco-friendly characteristics of the KH30 with greatly improved handling

Key Features

  • The ecowing ES01 (KH27) contains fuel economy and eco-friendly characteristics with great handling performance. The ecowing KH27 recorded greater levels of rolling resistance and 5.1% better fuel economy than the equivalent conventional tyres. OE for BMW 2, Volkswagen Polo and Hyundai Elantra.

  • Better wet grip & traction performance - By strengthened rib and improved centre block pattern.

  • Handling & cornering - Closed & notch shoulder gives better handling, better wet grip.

  • LRR(Low Rolling Resistance) - Special high dispersion silica new sidewall material minimises sidewall deformation and lowers energy loss.

  • Improved handling - Longitudinal 3 channel & wide lateral groove improves water clearance for high levels of wet performance.

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