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The Maxxis MAP5 is a passenger car tyre engineered for comfort, safety and fuel efficiency. It boasts an advanced pattern and carcass construction for reduced noise and increased ride comfort, while an advanced compound construction ensures excellent fuel savings and improved wear life.

Key Features

  • Delivers a quiet driving experience.

  • In designing this tyre, the Maxxis R&D team used an advanced noise simulation technology to ensure reduced high-frequency noise when driving at high speeds.

  • The optimally-placed steel belt angle ensures minimised vertical stiffness and improved shock absorption capability whilst driving.

  • The use of a triple-polymer compound construction system reduces heat generation, ensures exceptional ride comfort and reduces rolling resistance for excellent fuel savings.

  • The improved tyre compound construction (when compared to the MAP's predecessor), evenly distributes contact pressure to ensure even tread wear and prolonged tread life.

  • A new high-grip performance resin disperses evenly between silica and carbon nano-particles in the tread compound, ultimately resulting in excellent performance in wet-weather conditions.

  • The three circumferential tread grooves incorporated into the pattern design enhance water dispersion, reduce aquaplaning and assist in improving wet braking performance.

  • An advanced lug shape design assists in preventing aquaplaning in wet conditions and decreases irregular tread wear.

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